“Karibu Achapwe,” How Sonko Saved Andrew Kibe from Angry Youths

Former Nairobi County governor Mike Sonko saved media personality Andrew Kibe from rowdy youths who wanted to teach him a lesson along Ngong Road in Nairobi City.

The drama ensued as angry mob stormed a hotel where Andrew Kibe was having a live TikTok interview with the former governor on April 29.

The youths stormed the hotel, and demanded to have Kibe so that they could give him a life lesson.

The rowdy youths disclosed that they learnt of the ongoing interview at the hotel through Kibe’s social media accounts. Mike Sonko however managed to calm them and request them to retreat.


During the interview, the flamboyant politician who is known for his flashy lifestyle admitted that he is currently jobless, and that his political career is sinking.

In the video that that has gone viral, Sonko was seen persuading the angry youths to calm and get out the hotel premises.

As the drama unfolded, Kibe who was the main target remained calm as he watched his security people restraining people from his access.

It is not yet clear why the youths wanted to punish Kibe.

Kenyans are also yet to unravel the mystery on how the two agreed to meet for interview despite their previous differences.

Last year, the two were involved in an online scuffle, after Sonko demanded that Kibe restrain from mentioning his name during his online show.

Also, Sonko expressed displeasure with Andrew Kibe attacking celebrities, especially women celebrities.

While reacting to the video, Kenyans expressed varied reactions, with some speculating Mike Sonko was behind the drama.

Crispus Maingi wrote : “How fast did they know of the meeting!!! Sonko planned it. 💯

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