“Kuja Nikumarry,” Stivo Simple Boy tells Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker Ngesh

Sensational Kenyan rapper Stephen Adera better known as Stivo Simple Boy intimated that he is deeply in love with Kaveve…

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“Stop mocking God,” Kenyans blast Kelvin Kinuthia for going to church in dress

Kenyan content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has been a subject to backlash from Netizens for what Kenyans have termed as disrespecting…

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Premium tears 😭 to Rue Baby as MCA Tricky gets a Mzungu girlfriend

Kenyan celebrated Comedian MCA Tricky has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media. This after he hinted at getting…

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Eric Omondi: If The Government Doesn’t Act Fast We Will Act Soon

Comedian Eric Omondi has vowed to take matters to his own hands if the Kenyan government fails to free its…

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Carolyne Onsongo: Kind-hearted lady helps disabled chokoraa get supermarket Experience

A kind-hearted lady identified as Carolyne Onsongo has warmed the hearts of Kenyans after narrating how she help a disabled…

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Shock As 19 year old man proposes to a 76-year old ‘billionare’ girlfriend

A 19 year old man has left people in shock after getting engaged to a 76-year old man.The young Italian…

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Andrew Kibe Lists LGBTQ Activists That should Not Have Missed Edwin Chiloba Burial

Self-made moral police Andrew Kibe has blasted the Kenya LGBTQ community for failing to show up at one of their…

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‘Mtoi amezoea Kulala Kwa Makelele’ Willis Raburu reveals he loves making noise in the house.

Media personality Willis cuts an image of a very jovial men who is ever happy. The smiley Citizen Tv’s host…

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