Drama as Morgan Bahati runs from Highschool over homesickness

A week ago, Kenyan singer Bahati and wife Diana Marua expressed their joy after their son Morgan Bahati joined Highschool. The celebrity couple joined thousands of parents who took their children to different highschools.

Barely two weeks later, Morgan Bahati has returned home over what Diana Marua alleged to be severe home sickness.

According to Marua, they were called by the school management to go pick their son who had fallen sick. Unknown to them, the teen boy was suffering from homesickness.

You all know that Morgan went to study at a boarding school and guess what? He is back! He is back from boarding school.

Homesick… He missed being home,” Diana Marua revealed through a video she published in her YouTube Channel.

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Upon arrival at home, it did not taken the budding musician to know where her son was suffering from . Judging from how Morgan kept on complaining that school life was different from home life, she hilariously figured out that he had homesickness.

He said, ‘oohh this school, things are different, things have changed, I have a stomach upset, I’m puking I can’t retain anything.” She said as she imitated how Morgan lamented.

It reached a point where he said he was having a panic attack. I was left wondering what in the world? What is happening!

According to Marua, Morgan must have experienced a culture shock as he was used to a soft life at home.

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You know he was used to waking up, going to make sausage, cheese, bacon, noodles, then he comes and puts them there, eats, and drinks juice. Then he opens the fridge and takes out what he wants.

Here he used to wake up at 10 or 11 am on weekends and then during school days he wakes up as 6:30 am. Now at their school he wakes up at 4 am. He called and said he’s having a panic attack and not feeling well,” Marua stated.

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Marua disclosed that his son was still home with them and they were monitoring his condition to see how he fairs before returning him back to school.

While reacting to her revelation, large section of her fans urged Marua not to rush to take Morgan back to school until he recovers fully.

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