Andrew Kibe Biography:Age, Education, wife, children, cars and Networth

Andrew Kibe would best be described as one of the realest, fearless and outgoing media personalities in Kenya. Kibe does not mince his words when handling controversial topics and dispensing undesired truth.

While many Kenyans love him because of his fearless way of handling topics, a section of ladies do not like him because of his constant attacks on feminism. He is not shy of speaking when it comes to handling some of topics many shun.

Due to his approach on topics, Andrew Kibe has risen to be one of the most influential media personalities in Kenya. He commands huge following on social media, with over 300K Youtube subscribers.

So who is Andrew Kibe?

Andrew Kibe Profile

  • Name: Andrew Kibe
  • Born: 1976
  • Marital status: Once married but separated
  • High school Attended: Nairobi Millimani School
  • Career: Media personality, vlogger, blogger
  • Instagram: @kibeandy

Andrew Kibe Biography : Age and Education

Kibe is a comical media persona. His sentiments, although controversial and straight to the point, are laden with humorous punchlines that Kenyans cannot get enough of.

He hails from the central part of Kenya. Born in 1976, Kibe is 47 years old as at 2023.

Very little is known about his early life but he once revealed that he went to Highschool at Nairobi Milimani School. One of his famous school mates is Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr. While in Highschool, Kibe donned fashionable and cool outfits, something that made him popular among his schoolmates.

It is however not clear what Andrew Kibe scored in KCSE and what he pursued thereafter.

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Andrew Kibe as a pastor

The current image and personality of Kibe does not cut an image of a man who was once a devoted and staunch man of God.

Andrew kibe Biography Real names Age wife Children Career Salary

Kibe has on several occasions denied that he was a pastor. However, his past photos revealed that he once served on pulpit. The photos showed the self-made moral police on the alter, deep in prayers.

Reports further revealed that he was once a close friend of celebrity pastor Robert Burale, before he chose a different path of life.


After ditching prayer life, Andrew Kibe surfaced as a media personality. He first worked with NRG radio, where he hosted Breakfast Club show alongside media personality Kamene Goro.

After a period of amassing huge audience, the duo locked horn with NRG radio owner Kevin Mulei. Mulei sought a court order to bar the two from working for the rivaling radio station – Kiss Fm. He cited loss of his investments in billboards and Promotions.

In 2019, Kibe and Kamene managed to make their way into Kiss Fm. They stormed the waves in a big bang, making the radio amass huge following in few weeks.

Kibe however left many in shock in June 2020 after he tendered his resignation letter. He cited censorship on his choice of words as the motive behind his abrupt resignation.

In an earlier interview, Kibe noted that life was not easy after quitting the job. He ended up losing his house, car and friends.

2020 hit me hard. I lost my car, I lost the house I was living in……I was homeless for a moment,” he said.

Three months later, one of his friend came through and helped him set Rogue Radio Investment in November 2020.

Kibe commands huge following on social media platforms.

Andrew Kibe YouTube Blow

On September 2023, Andrew Kibe YouTube channel with over 300K subscribers was permanently terminated. The media personality suffered the huge blow, as YouTube was one of his major source of income.

The YouTube Technical Support said that they took the move because Kibe opened a parallel channel after his previous one was restricted. Kenyans also speculated that channel was terminated due to his relentless attack on fellow Kenyan celebrities.


Andrew Kibe was once involved in politics. In 2012, he vied for Lang’ata Member of Parliament but lost to Joash Olum. Nine years later, he has transformed significantly.

Andrew kibe Biography Real names Age wife children car

While speaking in his YouTube video, Kibe termed his political aspiration as folly.

8 years ago I was younger and foolisher. I was wasting time and money. I am wiser now,” he said.

Andrew Kibe Wife and Children

When it comes to love life, Kibe loves privacy. He was however once married to a beautiful wife with whom he has a 15-year-old son.

FB IMG 16789634176695342 jpg Andrew Kibe Biography:Age, Education, wife, children, cars and Networth

During an interview in a one of Talk shows, Andrew Kibe revealed that he has never seen his son since he was five years old. He said that his baby mama stopped communicating after she got married to another man.

FB IMG 16789635592380614 jpg Andrew Kibe Biography:Age, Education, wife, children, cars and Networth

As at now, it is not clear with Mr. Lambiastic is dating anyone.

Andrew Kibe Cars and Networth

Andrew Kibe has risen to one of the most influential media personalities in Kenya. He runs a Vlog and blog that attracts huge audience. Likewise, he commands huge following on social media with over 500K followers on Facebook, 283k followers on Instagram and close to 400K subscribers on YouTube.

FB IMG 16789641809372822 jpg Andrew Kibe Biography:Age, Education, wife, children, cars and Networth

Kibe is one of the richest media personalities in Kenya. He reaps big from YouTube earnings and promoting brands.

In 2022, Kibe purchased a luxurious Mercedes S550. In one of his YouTube video, the pod-caster praised his ride for its comfort and classic features.

Q & A

Q: What is Andrew Kibe Age?

A: Born in 1976, he is 47 as at 2023

Q: Who is Andrew Kibe wife?

A: Andrew Kibe was married to a beautiful wife but later separated. The two are blessed with a 15 year old son.

Q: What is Andrew Kibe Networth?

A: The exact figure of Andrew Kibe Networth is not in public Domain. He is however one of the richest media personalities in Kenya, with Multi-millions properties.

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