“Ni Uongo” Samidoh reveals Karen Nyamu lied about buying Ksh 420K beer

Samidoh has revealed that Karen Nyamu lied about Ksh.420K beer

Kenyan Mugithi Star Samuel Muchoki popularly known as Samidoh has revealed that Karen Nyamu lied about for him an expensive liquor worth Ksh. 420K.

Last month during Father’s Day celebrations, the UDA senator shared a clip in a wine and spirits shop. She went ahead and claimed that she bought a Ksh.420K bottle of beer as a present for her baby daddy.

Samidoh has however noted that it was not true and that it was a social media stunt.

Through his social media post, Samidoh wrote; “Waweru Uyu na Kajei Salim kumbe hizo maswali zenu mingi za kifala ni za captain morgan.Because beer doesnโ€™t ask silly questions buana๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I’m in muthiga come beat me.”

The singer accompanied his post with his photo holding a mug that appeared to have beer inside.

One of his followers sought to know whether the beer he was taking was the one Karen Nyamu bought.

โ€œThamweri(Samuel), hiyo ni ile ya 420k. Bado iko kwa friji,โ€ Princess Priscah Wambui wrote in the comment section.

In his reply, Samidoh asked social media users not to take everything they see on social media serious. He noted the claim that Karen Nyamu bought for him expensive bottle of beer is not true

โ€œHehe hizo ni vipindiree vya social media. Usichukulie serious sana. Naweza rogwa bure,โ€ he answered.

Karen Nyamu lied about Ksh.420K beer

Last month, Karen Nyamu claimed that she bought a bottle of beer worth Ksh. 420,000 for her baby daddy.

In a video that went viral on social media, Karen was seen getting into a liquor shop ad ordering for the most expensive drink.

Nimekuja kununulia mbabaz pombe ya father’s day. Nataka ile ya dooh mob kabisaa kwa mbabaz.. Ghali zaidi kabisaa, nataka kubuiya mbabaz,” Karen Nyamu told the shop attendant.

The shop attendant accompanied her, showed her various brands with a price range of Ksh. 210K to 420K.

Karen Nyamu was heard jokingly saying that Ksh. 420K was equal to the price of a Toyota Vitz.

She then went ahead and took a bottle of Renny Martin of 700ml Louis XIII. Without wasting time, Karen Nyamu appeared to make the payment. She then went ahead and shred a screenshot of the transaction on her Instastories.

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