Bahati Opens Up on Hating to Shower “Mara mbili kwa wiki”

Kenyan Singer Kelvin Kioko affectionately known as Bahati sparked wild reactions among Netizens after he declared that he will only be showering twice a week.

Bahati made the declaration after his wife Diana Marua exposed him through her YouTube Channel. Marua said that her bathing towel turns brown every time they shower together.

Every time nikimpeleka kwa bafu alafu nimsugue na kitambaa ya yangu Wa white, inaturn brown,” Marua lamented.

Responding to the claims, Bahati admitted having trouble with showering every day. Rather

Bahati said that he should be allowed to take a bath only on Tuesdays and Fridays as those are the only important days.

“I accept. Mimi kuoga ni shida. Nataka tuelewane, nitakua naoga mara mbili kwa wiki. Friday juu naingia events weekend, Tuesday juu the rest of the week niko hapa na wewe. Mimi nataka ujue mimi si cabbage siwezi shinda kwa maji.” he said.

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In a separate scene, Bahati shared that having hard time bathing has affected his skin complexion.

Mimi nmekubali mimi kuoga ni shida. Mi hata sahi ningekua mweupe.” he added.

Diana made a joke about how he would only take a shower since he was heading to events where women would be touching him.

While reacting to the video, Kenyans expressed mixed reactions, with some arguing that the content was irrelevant to them.

However, some of the fan’s agreed with Bahati assertion, adding bathing twice a week is more than enough for man.

Mara mbili ni show off. Mwanaume anafaa kuoga Mara moja kwa wiki,” a fan wrote.

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