Mike Sonko gives his review after taking Jaba juice: “Inaingia ndani kama tortoise”

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media after he gave his review After taking Jaba Juice.The controversial politician took to X account, formerly known as twitter, to express his dissatisfaction with Miraa blend juice.

Mike Sonko published the post where he blamed the juice for giving him difficulty when emptying his bladder. Further, he disclosed that the juice made his machine gun to shrink and disappear, leaving him worried.

Hii Jaba juice sikunywi tena. Unakabwa na mkojo every 2 minutes ukijaribu kukojoa unaskia kukam na c-m haitoki, mikojo haitoki. Stick inaingia ndani kama kichwa ya tortoise. (I’m not taking Jaba juice again. You feel like urinating after every two minutes and if you try, nothing comes out. Machine gun disappear like tortoise head)” he wrote.

Following Mike Sonko’s remarks, Netizens exploded with mixed reactions. While some X users found the post amusing, a section questioned the authenticity. Another section expressed displeasure with the explicit nature of the post, considering that his is public figure.

Miraa Juice (Jaba Juice) taking shape

Jaba Juice is exclusively extracted from Miraa, also known as Khat. Miraa has served as stimulant, many decades after discovery by Meru residents. According to reports, many blue-collar workers use the crop to help them work long hours and especially during night shifts.

However, miraa has faced myriad of challenges due to the negative associations linked to its traditional consumption. The practice of chewing a large ball of leaves, a common method, has been perceived as unsightly and unprofessional. Additionally, the constant chewing often leads to tired and sore jaws, accompanied by a distinctive β€˜leafy smell’ in the mouth.

To counter the challenges, producers of Jaba Juice claim they have innovated a new way to enjoy miraa, aiming to eliminate the negative connotations that have surrounded it over the years.

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