“Nisaidieni Niko na Mtoto mdogo,” Producer Maxis Enga pleads for help

Celebrated Music Producer Magix Enga has appealed for financial help from Kenyans of good will, disclosing that he is going through tough moment and that he direly need money to cater one month old baby.

The producer shared a post on Facebook, in which he revealed that everything is not okay. In the post, he said that although he has produced several hit songs in the music industry, some artists took advantage of him and that he has not benefited from the songs.

Most of the songs that I produced I.e (dundaing ,watoto na pombe Otile brown ft Enga and maja , mapenzi hisia)and many others which am not benefiting from them.Right now am writing this I have 1 month baby boy whome is depending on me,” he wrote.

Further, Magix Enga disclosed that he tried to pull himself up but his studio was shut down due to rent arrears and currently he doesn’t have a job.

The producer believes he is still the best producer and all he needs is help so that he can also resume his career.

“I tried to pull myself together but the studio I was working,it was shut down because of rent issues.I still believe that am the best producer. For instance Gengetone beats people loved them i.e the most treading song is Mamiondoko which I have not benefited from it,Digidigi from Arrow boy that has more than 10,000,000 views I have gotten even a single cent from it.Currently I don’t have a job.

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Early this year, Maxis Enga shared a message revealing that life has been so hard.The producer said that the talent was good but in general he was not doing okay.Magix Enga went ahead to apologize to everyone he has ever wronged.

Hey people, place life imenifikisha I don’t understand anything. I love you all so much. There is talent though I am not doing okay. Am going through a lot and I do not understand why. Somebody please. Kama nilikosea, I apologize. More love to all of you.

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A while back, a video of Magix Enga in a worrying state caught the attention of Kenyans.

The producer seemed to be under the influence of drugs. In the video he also looked disoriented without shoes on.Months ago, he had shared that he was struggling with drug addiction. A close friend also revealed he was struggling with depression since the fall of his career.

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