Beautiful Photos of Raila Odinga House

Ever wondered what makes Beautiful Photos of Raila Odinga House popular?  Well, Raila is undoubtedly one of the most affluent politicians in Kenya.

The political career of Raila Odinga can be traced beck in 1980’s when he rose into the political scene.

Besides his huge political influence, Raila Odinga speaks wealth. Odinga whose influence is felt across the world owns a number of properties.

One property that stands out most is his multi-billion mansion that sits on Riat hills, Kisumu County.

Raila Odinga House

Raila Odinga’s kingly mansion is a true reflection of his good taste. The stately building dubbed ‘Riat statehouse’ features state of art facilities.

The 3-storeyed house has 10 bedrooms, conference halls and Jacuzzis. It also has an expensive kitchen.

Outside the building, there is a helipad where guests pack their helicopters.

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