“Andrew Kibe ananipa sleepless nights,” Brian Chira confesses

Kenyan internet sensation and a Tik Toker Brian Chira has sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans online after revealing that he is thirsting for media personality Andrew Kibe.

In a video he shared on his TikTok account, Chira praised Kibe for his good looks and revealed his heart was longing for him. He added that his beards are giving him sleepless nights.

Hello guys. Naitwa Chira Brian Chira, kibe, Kibe Andrew Kibe aki nimetafuta ni wewe tuu kwanza hizo beards oh my God….you are cute, weuh, Me I want you,” he said.

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Chira also said hat he has been longing to have Kibe, adding that drinking from his honeypot will be a dream come true.

Brian Chira is one of fast growing TikTok influencers in Kenya. He got into limelight after a video of him giving an accident witness report went viral. He left netizens talking courtesy of his demeanor during the narration of Nakuru road account that left 11 dead.

My name is Chira, I am called Brian Chira and I saw the whole accident. It happened that a lorry was coming up from the other side and there was a matatu. suddenly, there were cries from people around, nduru nduru, and then we came out of the…so it happened that there were two ladies out of the matatu and they were beheaded. It’s tragic,” Chira narrated.

Chira way of addressing, his voice and gestures left Kenyans wondering whether he is a member of LGBTQ. According to a section of Kenyans, his mannerisms and behavior depicted a member of queer community.

In the video that went viral, Chira also called on the government to erect road bumps and create awareness.

Brian Chira is never shy of talking about his life struggles. via TikTok, he continues to tell his story everyday.

A while a go, the 20 year old student revealed that he is HIV positive. He also revealed the stuggles he goes through taking care of his cousins after his mother passed on.

Andrew Kibe is yet to respond to Brian Chira and Kenyans are eagerly waiting for what he has to say.

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