Raila Anti-Ruto Protest Might Grow Into Arab Spring Revolt, Says Mutahi Ngunyi

Popular Kenyan Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has cautioned that Raila Odinga’s rallies might mutate into Arab Spring Revolution.

Mutahi has warned that the series of ‘consultative meetings‘ that commenced on Wednesday might grow into a force that will overwhelm william Ruto’s goverment.

Arab Spring was a series of Anti-government rebellion and protests that spread across the Arab Countries leading to ouster of various leaders.

According to Mutahi Ngunyi, this is the kind of situation Raila Odinga’s rallies may lead to.

The problem with Kamukunji rallies is that they start in small installments. Bit by bit, they grow into something big with life of their own,” Mutahi Ngunyi said.

The Azimio team led by Raila began their 30-days rallies dubbed ‘consultative meetings‘ on Wednesday, where they vowed to keep William Ruto’s government on check.


The team promised to push the Kenya Kwanza goverment to deliver on its promises. Raila has faulted the government for failing to; lower the cost of food prices, subsidize the cost of education and ensure safety of the elderly through cash transfers.

Raila further said that many petty offenders are rotting in jail while capital crime offender’s cases are being dropped by DPP.

The ODM leader has maintained that the Hustler Fund must be anchored on the law without threats to Hustlers who will default.

“Youths and Hustlers who have/will benefit from Hustler Fund must be encouraged not to panic or commit suicide in the event they default. It is not a matter of life and death. Those who will not pay won’t have to pay,” he said.

The ODM leader has now vowed to mobilize Kenyans to exercise their rights without fear.

According to analyst Mutai Ngunyi, Raila Oding’s goal is to destabilize Ruto’s government the way he did with Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

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