“Mbona Baba Hatoi Viatu jameni,” Kenyans troll Raila Odinga

ODM leader Raila Odinga visted embattled Televangelist Pastor Ezekiel Odero, a day after being released on bond.The vocal politician toured the pastor’s Multi-millions New Life Prayer Center building in Mavueni Kilifi County.

The two also had a closed door face to face Convo. In photos that have gone viral on social media, Raila was seen having tete-a-tete with the man of God.

Hawk-eyed Kenyans were however quick to notice that Raila Odinga was in shoes while the preacher and his friends had removed theirs. A section of Kenyans faulted Raila Odinga over what they termed as lack of humility.

Raila Odinga with past Ezekiel Odero in Kilifi County

Netizens questioned the behavior, with some trolling him for ‘making himself the host’.

Here are some of the reactions;

@Jairus Shilat: Mwenye nyumba anatoa viatu kimgeni kinaingia na viatu

@Kenneth Otieno: Is it true that Raila akikutembelea wewe mwenye nyumba ndio unakua mgeni wake?

@Bishop Mzebu: Baba awezi na hataweza kutowa viatu 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Rakeri Ndush: Baba surely wacha matharao hapo Ni mahali pasafi (holy place), can’t you remove your shoes,ama unaingiaga Na viatu mpaka kwa bed…🙄🙄

@Phylis Mubarikiwa: Viatu vyake havina uchafu 🤣🤣🤣🤣 vacuum cleaner itafanya kazi

@Joshua Mteule: Hii kiatu ya Raila ata kwa carpet hatoi ?

GridArt 20230506 211646915 "Mbona Baba Hatoi Viatu jameni," Kenyans troll Raila Odinga

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Raila Odinga Faults President William Ruto’s move

Earlier on, Raila Odinga faulted President William Ruto’s move to create a commission of Inquiry on Shakahola massive deaths. According to him, the government is part of the Shakahola mysterious genocide.

We want the matter to be investigated but noted by the government that is suspected to be part if the saga,” he said.

While addressing people in Kilifi, Raila further noted that President William Ruto had no right to form a commission of Inquiry, adding that it is the duty of Parliament.

President William Ruto has no right to form a commission of Inquiry. We are using the 2010 constitution which lays the powers on parliament.

President William Ruto formed a 17- member commission to investigate the Shakahola deaths, and come up with ways of regulating churches.

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