Nuru Okanga understands meaning of Biology one month after joining form one

ODM leader Raila Odinga’s diehard Nuru Okanga has once again made headlines.

This is after expressing on Facebook his joy of understanding the definition of the term Biology, one month after joining Highschool.

The fearless supporter of ODM said that he was over the moon after knowing the meaning of word he has been hearing from those went to school before him. A while a go while speaking during an Interview with Radio Jambo, Okanga explained his studies were cut short after his father died.

Like newborn who has learned how to walk, Okanga took to social media to celebrate the milestone. He shared with his fans the definition of the scientific term.

SIMPLE DEFINITION OF BIOLOGY . Bio means life and -ology means “study of” so biology literally means the study of life. Biology is the study of all living organisms (and dead organisms, like fossils). Biology looks at how these organisms form, develop and interact with each other and their environment.,” Okanga joyfully explained.

Okanga went on to respond to a fan who questioned why he was sharing the definition, saying that he went to school for a serious business.

Nilienda kusoma sio kuangalia walimu tu (I went to school to study, not to stare at teachers),” Okanga responded.

Okanga made headlines in 2023 after being among the most aged candidates to sit for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Examination.

However, after the results were released, Okanga remained secretive about the marks he scored. Despite numerous radio interview, Okanga who is aspiring to be MCA in future declined to disclose his performance.

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