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4 Multi-billion properties owned by William Ruto

Properties owned by William Ruto are proof that he is one of the most affluent politicians in Kenya. The DP refers himself as a hustler who rose from selling chickens to owning properties worth billions of shillings.

His star began shining way back in 1990s when he joined politics during the regime of the late President Daniel Moi. His success can therefore be attributed to his flourishing political career.

Here is a list of Properties he own;

1. Choppers and Hangars

William Ruto owns 5 helicopters and 2 hangars under Kwale Island Development Ltd. Hangar is a special building where airplanes and helicopters are repaired and serviced. The 5 helicopters are based at Wilson Airport in Nairobi. The five choppers are

  1. 5Y DSC Eurocopter 130 T2 worth KSh740 million;
  2. 5Y KDM, an Airbus H145 T2 bought at KSh970 million
  3. 5Y DSN Airbus H12 purchased at KSh290 million
  4. 5Y SAK Airbus H125 KSh290 million
  5. 5Y KDN Airbus H130 at KSh330 million
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2. Hotels

Among other properties owned by william Ruto is Weston hotel and Dolphine hotel. Weston is 4-star hotel built in Nairobi City on a 0.773-hectare parcel opposite Wilson Airport. The hotel has however been having controversies. Ruto has been accused of grabbing from the public the land on which the hotel sits.

4 THINGS william Ruto owns

3. Uasin Gishu home

William Ruto began the consruction of his Uashin Gishu home way before 2015.The Property which worth 1.3B sits on 20-acres of land. The building, a plush, multi-million-shilling residence in Eldoret town, has a complete private airstrip. It also has an artificial lake in the middle of the compound and six other houses at the front.

4 THINGS william Ruto owns

4.Poultry farm

The industrious Kenya’s second in Command has also invested in poultry farming. The Koitalel Poultry farm is one of his investments that give him good returns. Early this year, William Ruto revealed that the farm has reared over 200,000 chickens that give him 1.5 M shillings per day.

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