Drama as Meru man buys dairy cow without teeth

Drama ensued in Kinoro, Meru County today after a farmer bought cow without teeth.

Driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, Mwiti purchased a Ksh. 65000 cow from Kinyua after being persuaded by a broker. Mwiti revealed that he bought the cow with his hard-earned money after months of saving.

According to reports, Mwiti launched search for a good dairy cow a week ago.

Speaking to local Radio, he said that he has all along been longing to become a dairy farmer.

So I told Kinoti (broker) that I have Ksh. 60,000 and that I was looking for a dairy cow that will give me good milk. I was glad that at last, I would move from vibaruas and focus on dairy farming. So after 5 days he called me and said that he had located a good cow at Kiangua,” he said.

According to Mwiti, the cow looked good at first sight. The udders appeared full of milk and it was all he had been looking for.

The cow looked fine from the look. They insisted that Ksh. 60,000 was below their price. After negotiations I was forced to add some extra Ksh. 5,000.”

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Cow From Hell

On arrival with cow at his home, he ran to the shamba to fetch nappier grass. He could not hide the joy of owning a cow. He was so anxious to see itfeed.

He however noticed something strange. Despite the grass being fresh, the cow did not show interest in feeding. Mwiti assumed the cow was tired.

One the second day, the cow still didn’t feed. It is then that he contacted a vet who broke the hell loose.

I called a vet to check whether the cow was sick. He came, did some observation and examination and I couldn’t believe my hears – my cow did not have a single tooth.”

Mwiti’s efforts to seek help from Kinoti the broker did bear efforts. On calling the seller, he noted that “Kwani nilikuwa nashinda nikicheka na ng’ombe ndio nione haina meno?(I have never seen my cow laughing, to notice that it has no teeth)””

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