“Hadi steel wool,” Content Creator Nyako Pilot reveals how Kenyan women are killing husbands

Nyako Pilot, the Kenyan content creator based in UK has over the recent past earned praises for being fearless especially when handling sensitive topics. Despite being subjected to fierce criticism on social media, Nyako has continued to candidly shed light on some topics many people shun.

Recently, she caused a buzz on social media after she disclosed how Kenyan women are ‘finishing’ their men. While speaking through TikTok live session, Nyako noted their several Kenyan women murder their husband slowly, so that they can be left to enjoy hard-earned wealth.

According to Nyako, one most common tactics Kenyan women are using is finely ground steel wool.

Kuna wale wanasiaga mpaka stee wool. Unapikiwa chakula na steel wool. Inaitwa slow death,” Nyako said, warned men to be vigilant with the women they live with.

She went on to say,

Imagine you are eating stain remover for clothes. Inawekwa kidogo kidogo. Baadaye, unaanza na ulcer, then chronic ulcers, then it goes to we cannot help you anymore; you are dying. These are the kind of women wenye wanazika leo, kesho wako sherehe. Shamba boy ashaingizwa kwa nyumba, relatives wanasherehekea your wealth. Men wake up,” Nyako cautioned.

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Kenyans react to Nyako Revelation

While reacting to Nyako’s revelation, Netizens expressed varied reactions. Some argued that Men should learn to eat from the same plate with their wives.

@Tuko: Wengine wanasema siri ni kula kwa sahani moja. How can you protect yourself from such risks?

@Kennie Balo: Dawa ni kukula sahani moja na bibi

@Jesinter: Hizo vitu zinafanyika kweli kwanza hapa kenya 🇰🇪 siyo mchezo wanaume wasikule hovyo hovyo.

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