Youtuber Iam Marwa Builds A 3-Bedroom House For His Poor Neighbor

Iam Marwa builds a house for his neighbor in one week

Content Creator Iam Marwa has warmed the hearts of many Kenyans after building a 3-bedroom house for his poor neighbor.

The YouTuber shared the photos of the complete house on his Instagram page. In one of the video, the creator sought the opinion of fans on the best colour the house should be painted.

It all began when a girl from his neighborhood wrote a letter to him. The girl request Marwa to help her with some money. She wanted the money for Ksh.1000 and some few other items that were required in school.

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In the letter, the girl narrated the hardship she was going through after her older sister who haf been helping her passed on.

The emotional letter touched the heart of Marwa who mobilized his fans to contribute something.

With the help of few followers Marwa managed to raise Ksh.20,000.

When he delivered the help, Marwa noticed the bad state of the house where the girl was living with her parents.

Few days later, Marwa shared a clip of construction materials he had acquired inorder to build a house for the neighbor.

WE ARE IN THIS WORLD TO HELP OTHERS , Thank you for believing in me , thank you for your relentless support ❀️. we are building a dream house to a family that had nothing . in just 3 days we have done this much. God bless you. We MUST BUILD AFRICA 🌍. I , You , We are the Change …. Thank you once again full video on YouTube @iam_marwa,” he captioned the video.

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A week later, Marwa has managed to build a 3-bedroom house for them. The house also has a kitchen and a toilet.

While handing the house, the girls parents expressed their gratitude to Marwa and his followers.

Marwa is also building for himself a multi-millions mansion that is almost complete.

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