Eric Omondi reveals plans for his child with Jacque Maribe

Kenyan comedian and activist Eric Omondi has opened up on his plans for his son, mothered by journalist Jacque Maribe.

Speaking during an Interview with Massawe Japani at Radio Jambo, Eric Omondi affirmed that he is a father of two – a boy and a girl,all from different mothers.

He shared that although he is often seen speaking about his child with Lynne, he can’t hide the fact he has a handsome son with Jacque Maribe.

Earlier on, Eric Omondi made headlines after he demanded DNA tests to be done, before he could he help Maribe’s son.

Speaking to Massawe Japani, the controversial comedian said that although he previously had paternity issues with Maribe’s son, he has now accepted him as his child. He shared that he is planning to have a conversation with Maribe on co-parenting the son.

Yule ni my boy child, I have two children. Mwanangu na Jackie Maribe I’ll educate him, nitamlea, nitaishi na yeye, ni mtoto wangu,” Omondi told Massawe Japani.

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His revelation come days after his wife Lynne took to social media to brag about her relationship with Eric Omondi. Lynne boastfully shared on social media that she is the only woman with Eric Omondi’s child.

When asked about his wife’s remarks, Omondi defended her saying that she is deeply in love with him and that he will continue supporting her.

However, Eric Omondi declined to reveal when he will wed his Lynne. He argued that he is a typical African man and that as long as Lynne has his child, he will marry her when time is due.

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