Lulu Hassan biography: age, family, tribe, education, career, husband, children, salary, house, cars, and net worth.

Lulu Hassan biography, age, family, tribe, education, career, husband, children, salary, house, cars, and net worth.

Lulu Hassan is widely regarded as one of Kenya’s top female TV presenters. She is well-known for her Swahili language competence and eloquence.

Surprisingly, Lulu was a news broadcaster at Radio Salaam before transferring to Citizen TV, reading the English language news. The news anchor is now co-hosting Nipashe Wikendi on Citizen TV with her husband Rashid Abdalla. Find out more about Lulu Hassan’s biography.

Every Saturday, Lulu hosts Bi. Safari gives couples marriage advice. In addition, the news anchor has become a role model for many young people who want to be TV presenters.

Top facts about the Lulu Hassan

One of Kenya’s most modest celebrities is Lulu. Below is more about the life story of Lulu Hassan, including her age, family, tribe, education, career, husband, kids, salary, home, automobiles, and wealth.

Summary profile

  • Lulu Hassan’s real name:  Lulu Khadija Hassan
  • Place of birth: Mombasa
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Hassan’s parents: Seychellois descent father and the late Mariam
  • Husband: Rashid Abdalla
  • Instagram account: loulou_hassan
  • Occupation: News Anchor at Citizen TV

Lulu Hassan biography

Lulu Khadija Hassan, the news anchor, was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Her family consists of three siblings, with her being the firstborn. Lulu Hassan’s mother died in 2007 from an unexplained disease

This compelled Lulu to care for their younger siblings as well as handle their mother’s real estate properties.

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Lulu Hassan’s age

The Kenyan female anchor is one of the celebs that prefer to keep their age private. She has never revealed anything about her birth date. Lulu Hassan’s birthday, on the other hand, falls on April 24 every year.

Lulu Hassan family

The TV host comes from a family of three daughters, with her being the firstborn. Their late mother was of Kikuyu descent. However, little is known about Lulu Hassan’s sisters.

Lulu Hassan tribe

Most people believe Khadija is a Somali. She is a stunning cross between a Seychellois and a Kikuyu. Lulu Hassan’s father is of Seychellois ancestry, while her late mother was also of Seychellois ancestry.

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Her education history

Lulu began her secondary school at Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa after finishing her K.C.P.E exams. She subsequently attended Salrene Travel Operations College, where she received training as a human resource manager, cabin crew hostess, and ticketing officer.

She decided to study Communication and Journalism after landing a radio job in Mombasa.

Her career

In 2008, the female anchor began her career as a news presenter at Radio Salaam in Mombasa, reading news in English. She then got a job at KTN as a Swahili news presenter. She is presently employed at Royal Media Services, where she co-hosts Nipashe Wikendi with Rashid Abdalla on Citizen TV.

Lulu Hassan cars

Lulu has been seen multiple times on the road operating various vehicles. A million-dollar Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is among the vehicles in her collection.

Lulu Hassan husband
Khadija is happily married to Rashid Abdalla, one of Citizen TV’s most popular news anchors. The couple married in 2007 and have been together ever since. Furthermore, their distinct fashion sense is the reason several garded as one of Kenya’s best couples.

Lulu Hassan salary
Lulu now ranks among Kenya’s highest-paid TV hosts, earning more than Ksh 300,000. She also receives a number of allowances that total a sizable salary.

Her children

Three kids make Rashid and Lulu proud parents. Their last child is a daughter whose name is kefav our secret from the world, whereas their first two sons are named Jibran and Irfan.

Lulu once stated that she doesn’t intend to have any more kids because her family of three is full. The charming couple has also never held back from sharing their precious family images on social media.

Lulu Hassan net worth

She makes money through Philly Productions in addition to her job as a Citizen TV newscaster. Several films, including Aziza, Huba, and Maria, have been released by the film production and aired on Citizen TV. The net worth of Lulu is currently being researched.

Lulu Hassan’s house.

One of the rare celebrities who favors a modest life is Rashid, along with Lulu.

They used to live together in their humble sitting room in Kwale County, which had a Muslim décor. Additionally, they own a mansion in Nairobi with a value estimated in the millions.

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