“My dowry is 1M,” Faith Vaati Musyoki Tells Mulamwah

Faith Vaati Musyoki says her Dowry is ksh.1M

Kenyan internet sensation Faith Vaati Musyoki has revealed that she will not settle for anything less than 1 million shillings as her dowry.

Faith Vaati lit the internet few days a go after she confessed her undying love for Kenyan Comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah.

Photos of Vaati holding a placard went viral. Vaati expressed how she was deeply in love with the comedian through writing on the placard.

Mulamwah nataka unioe. Mimi ni wife material kutoka Ukambani. I am Faith Vaati Musyoki. Nikikuona kwa picha sipati usingizi,” the placard read.

FB IMG 16751755013167761 jpg "My dowry is 1M," Faith Vaati Musyoki Tells Mulamwah

Days later, Mulamwah met Vaati at undisclosed place and gifted her a new OPPO phone and Ksh. 10000 cash money.

Faith Vaati Musyoki Dowry

Despite the gesture of kindness from the comedian, Vaati has now revealed that Mulamwah may have to part with one million shillings if he want drink from her honeypot.

While speaking to a local YouTuber, Vaati said that she expects not less than 1M as her dowry.

“Bei ya kwetu saa hii inasoma one million Kenyan Shillings. The wazee won’t mind more. You know sometimes you see that a woman is good and so you decide to add more money to appreciate her, baadala ya kutoa Ksh1m, unaamua kuongezea,” she said.

While defending her stand, Vaati maintained that she is a good wife material and she is ready to serve her future husband well. She alluded that her intentions are pure and true.

Kwa hii mapenzi mimi niko serious.Mimi ni a good wife material. I know how to cook and take care of a man.”
Vaati further noted that she is convinced that Mulamwah is the right husband for her.

Hio ukienyeji yake sasa ndio napenda. Content zake unifanya naona yeye anaeza kuwa a good husband,” she added.

She also revealed that she received a call from a stranger who issued threats, claiming that Mulamwah is her boyfriend.

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