Andrew kibe list 9 Kenyan male celebrities that don’t qualify to be parents

Former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe bestowed upon himself the role of bringing ‘sanity’ among Kenyans, especially celebrities.

At the same time, the radio presenter turned YouTuber, is keen on grooming men and he often refers to himself as the patron. His hard hitting remarks are however considered as trolls by some but for him, it seems to be something that he loves doing so much.

Recently, Kibe decided to take on celebrities whom he thinks do not make good fathers because of some reasons and below is his list.


The comedian and his baby mama Carrol Sonnie have been involved in a nasty drama since announcing their separation in December last year with Mulamwah making some damning revelations on the possible things that could have ended the relationship.

According to Andrew Kibe Mulamwah should have never been a parent because he has gone to the extent of using his child to chase clout.

“How would you clout chase to that level? What kind of elaborate sh*t is that to that level that you are willing to put your child into all this mess just for clout Mulamwah? You were not supposed to have a child,” Kibe remarked

Over the weekend, Mulamwah left Kenyans in shock saying that Keilah was not his child only for him to make clarification after a photoshoot with Sonnie.

“Keilah is not my kid, Keilah is our kid,” he said.


The self proclaimed chairman of gospel musician topped Kibe’s list after Mulamwah. Ringtone has been accused of neglecting a child he sired with a woman a decade ago.

Last year, another woman also claimed to be Ringtone’s baby mama. She said that the singer had dumped her in Kisii with two children while he was living large in Nairobi

Thee Pluto

Youtuber Robert Kamau Ndegwa alias the Pluto is dating Felicity Shiru. Thee Pluto is however rumored to be involved with a city female politician identified as Wangui Ng’ang’a. There have been rumors that Felicity is expecting Thee Pluto’s child and Kibe feels like he does not qualify to be a father

KRG The Don

Kibe said that KRG is not supposed to have children since he is also another clout chaser.

“If you see a woman has left you and you pretend to have all those things, clout chaser, he is so stubborn” Kibe said.

The musician is a father of two children who are under his care after his separation with Linah Wanjiru.

Eric Omondi

The comedian is also another entertainer who has been involved in a nasty child paternity drama. Eric is said to have fathered ex Citizen reporter Jackie Maribe’s son. Maribe exposed him for neglecting their son saying that he never contributes a cent in his upbringing.

“Such people are usetress,” Kibe noted

Oga Obina

Acording to Kibe, Obina’s job is to after women but he does not pay and therefore he should not have become a dad . Obina has four children with different baby mamas. Three of them are girls and one is a boy. In one of his social media posts he however said that he keenly take care of his responsibilities as a father and loves his children equally.

Frankie Just Gym It

The Gym Instructor has two baby mamas each with two of his children. Frankie was in a relationship with Maureen Waititu and they were blessed with two children. The two however broke up and shortly after Corazon Kwamboka came into the picture. Their relationship too lasted only months after welcoming their second born thus throwing Kwamboka into a state of depression.

Simon Kabu

The bonfire adventures CEO is also another Kenyan celebrity on Kibe’s list. Kabu has two baby mamas and together with his estranged wife Sarah, they were blessed with two children. Recently, Sarah revealed that she has been pretending her marriage was okay but it was the opposite

Kabi wa Jesus

Kabi is married to Milly Wa Jesus and they have two children. He also has a daughter whom he got outside of his marriage. Kibe said that he was getting children yet he had not offering them anything .

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  1. Kibe is expressing life of loneliness. Deep inside anaungua,ubaya maji yakimwagika hayazoleki.🤣 Sasa after ameachika hufanyaje zikipanda😫.Better achague kusimp mpaka apendeke,else kiki kutafuta haiezi satisfy.

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