Christina Shusho Speaks in her Concert being more of Comedy Event

Tanzanian gospel star Christina Shusho has been forced to address claims that her highly hyped concert will be more of comedy than Worship.

Christina Shusho is set to perform on 31st December, in a concert that will be hosted by Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill). According to a poster published by Ndambuki on his social media pages, Shusho will perform alongside Kenyan comedian including Nasra and Mammito.

A Instagram user identified as Kiarago Migwi expressed his disappointment on the platform adding that the concert will be more of comedy than Worship. Migwi disclosed that he had high expectations that the concert will be an exclusive Worship event, and not mixed with any other entertainment activity.

“I am disappointed. Why hype a concert where you are not even the main act? We are hoping for exclusive crossover worship not comedy,” Migwi wrote.

While responding to Migwi, Christina Shusho noted that though comedians will perform in the concert, she will take the biggest share of stage.

Nitaimba nitaimba Kisha niimbe Tena. We shall Worship,” Christina Shusho responded to Migwi.

Christina Shusho Speaks in her Concert being more of Comedy Event

Recently, Christina Shusho became an internet sensation courtesy of her soul-healing melodies. Kenyans took to X (Twitter) and other social media platforms to praise her music.

Netizens noted that several of Christina Shusho’s songs are picked directly from the scripture. Some went ahead and shared the bible verses alongside her songs.

While the issue elicited mixed reactions among Netizens with some accusing her of lacking creativity, a large section lauded her of getting her inspiration from the scripture.

“This is the true gospel. Teaching the word of God without filtering,” noted one X user.

“Shusho songs are inspired by scriptures. This is the way to go…Songs that promote spirituality 😭” said another one.

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