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Comedian Mulamwah Biography: Name, Age, Education and Career

The story of comedian mulamwah is a cocktail of passion and determination. He is a true illustration that God can use anything to uplift someone.

Mulamwah has become household name. His rise to fame was not a walk in the park.

In this article, public news kenya will take a look at who is Mulamwah.

Comedian Mulamwah Biography

Mulamwah REAL NAME & AGE

Comedian Mulamwah hails from Butere in Kakamega County.  His reals names are David Oyando. He is 28 years old as at 2022.


Mulamwah attended St. Anthony Boys’ secondary school.  He scored a straight A that gave him a chance to study a bachelor of  nursing course at Jomo Kenyatta university.


Mulamwah’s comedy journey began in Kenyatta university. While in the university, Mulamwah joined Christian union that game him a platform to showcase his comedy skills. He worked with friend who had similar interests in acting small skits. He also joined clubs in the university that helped him nurture his talent.

Growing up, Mulamwah’s dream was to feature in the popular Churchill show. However, his father who treasured education so much ensured he did not join any acting club.

During an interview in one of the popular TV show, Mulamwah narrated how at one point he sold his phone to attend Churchill show auditions. He even applied for internship at Kenyatta hospital because it was close to where Churchill show auditions were conducted.

Mulamwah attended auditions for three years without success.


Comedian Mulamwah came to limelight in 2019. He recorded a short video on KCSE performance of high school students. The video went viral and made him get the attention of many.

Ever since, mulamwah has been able to get large following on all social media platforms.

He success in comedy has also given him good financial returns. He income is majorly from brands endorsement, YouTube earnings and events emceeing.

Mulamwah Wife

Mulamwah was married to Caroline Muthoni. They were blessed with baby Keilah Oyando. They however broke up over what Mulamwah termed as her being extravagant.

He accused his Ex-wife of pressuring him to live beyond his means.

A year after break up, Mulamwah has not opened up about his next relationship. Rumors say that he is currently a beautiful lady identified as Ruth K.

comedian mulamwah and sonie

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