Shock As Ryvanny Hangs Out With Harmonize New Girlfriend Fezza Kessy

Ryvanny Hangs Out With Harmonize New Girlfriend Fezza Kessy

Tanzanian Bongo Star Harmonize has suffered yet another big blow after his rival Ryvanny shared a clip chilling with Fezza Kessy.

Harmonize introduced Fezza has his new girlfriend three weeks ago, days after breaking up with Kajala Frida. He also shared cute photos while have sweet moment together.

Harmonize and Ryvanny having been rubbing each other over who his mightier.

Earlier on, Harmonize declared himself more powerful. He argued that that he was dating Kajala Frida while Ryvanny was dating her daughter Paula Kajala.

Ryvanny also accused Harmonize of flaunting fake like on social media. He claimed that the singer was living a fake like to please his fans yet he was struggling financially.

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Well, Ryvanny has taken the beef a notch higher.In the video seen by Public news Kenya, Ryvanny is seen having a good time with Fezza in a car. The Bongo star is also heard showering her with compliments.

The elated Fezza appears to enjoy every bit of the ride.

The two are also alleged to have attended Mallion’s Album launch together.

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