Meet man rearing safari ants for political hire

A kenyan man from Murang’a has caused a stir on social media after revealing that he rears the dreaded Safari ants for hire. In a short clip that has gone viral, the man identified as John Paul said that he does the rearing as a source of income.

My name is john Paul from Murang’a. I rear safari ants for commercial purpose,” he said.

John Paul further revealed that he began the venture with three ants. According to him, the population has ever since grown to over 8 thousands.

I started this farming with a king ant and a queen ant. The other was a friend to the queen.I now have 8,440 ants. They would have been 8,441 but one died.” he added.

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Ants for hire

On how he earns from the farm, John Paul disclosed that he hires them to politicians. According to him, several politician hire them to disrupt political meeting.

This is a lucrative business especially during campaign period. Politicians hire them to disrupt political meetings. I am the only person who does this kind of farming in Kenya.

Additionally, John Paul said that is ants have undergone rigorous training. He disclosed that the are experts and know how to hit the right spot.

My ants have undergone 7 months of training. When they are released to the battlefield, they know where to bite. Ofcourse not thighs or chest, but somewhere unimaginable.”

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