Vunja Shingo Hitmaker Q-tasi Opens Up On Why He Quit Music

Artist Kevin Obuya popularly known as Q-tasi is among the top Kenyan entertainers that went underground after years of bringing joy to Kenyans through music.

The artist is known for his hitsongs like Vunja Shingo feat. Mejja(2013). Narudi Ocha, Stilleto, Chips funga among other great hits.

Q-tasi however suffered a setback in 2013 and years later he resurfaced as a gospel musician but that also did not last long as he decided to take a break and invest elsewhere to get more money that will sustain his music career in case he decides to go back to music.

“It is a long story, the last time everybody checked I was doing gospel then I went on the low a little bit, at that point I decided to invest into an events and PR company and that is how I went on the low and definitely guys are asking when is the come back , I am working on the come back definitely but what I realized showbiz is not a cheap ordeal. If you want to do a video you have to budget like 200k,300k, 400k in order to do a quality video and a good standard video that can compete in Kenya and internationally so I said let me get myself financially stable so that things can just flow when I come back,” Q-tasi said in an interview with SPM Buzz.

The artist decided to quit secular music after the death of his father in 2013. The loss affected him so much that he sunk into depression, drinking and use of drugs but the pressure from the public about his music projects was too much that he decided to recollect himself before he could lose everything completely.

“That change happened around 2013-2014 so in 2013 my dad passed on, it was the first time I lost a close family member and that got me into some mad depression, it was really crazy, I didn’t wanna sing no more, I didn’t wanna do this showbiz stuff or be in the public eye but there was still pressure like ‘when are you releasing some stuff when are you putting out some work’

“So coincidentally I had to turn to God because when you are depressed and when you are feeling kinda crazy up there, so I had to turn to God . God kept me in for some time at around 2016-2018 I just lost the taste of it. At that point the gospel industry was going through some thing on its own so I was not ready to go through what the gospel industry was going through at that point,” he recounted

Due to the storms in the industry, Q-tasi chose to just quit music for some time instead of reverting to secular unlike other gospel musicians. He decided to direct his all focus and energy to PR and events.

The artist further said that right now he is okay and sane after suffering depression and drinking. He however promised his music fans that big things are in store for them.

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