Harmonize criticized for buying Kajala’s love

Tanzanian Bongo star Harmonize has been criticized for bribing Fridah Kajala to love him.

Artist who formerly worked under Harmonize’s Konde Music, Worldwide H-Baba has claimed that his former boss bought Kajala’s love.

“You cant choose someone’s partner but it is wrong to buy love. My young brother bought love, ” he said in an interview with journalists.

The artist who is currently working under Diamond’s WCB label has said Harmonize used a lot of money to win Fridah Kajala.

While advising Konde boy, H-Baba has said that it is not right to use a lot of money before getting into a relationship.

“If you get into a relationship by spending a lot of money, then you don’t know how to date. You are supposed to get into into a relationship and then start spending,” he said.

Harmonize criticized for buying Kajala's love
Harmonize and Kajala

Despite the criticism, the artist has however said that he respects Kajala so much.

Early this year, Harmonize spent millions of money to restore his relationship with Kajala. The two had broken up over infidelity. Kajala had accused the the matatizo hit-maker of sleeping with her daughter Paula Kajala.

The bongo star received a lot criticism for using a lot of money to entice Kajala into winning her back. He however told off his critics.

His efforts did not go in vain. The two love birds are now enjoying time together.

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