“Nimerudi Soko,” Kelvin Mboya spotted with a Mzungu Girl

Kelvin Mboya’s pain of being heartbroken by Kwale girlfriend seems to be a story of the past of his recent photos are anything to go by.

Kelvin Mboya has been an internet sensation after getting treated a premium ‘character development’ by his girlfriend.

A week ago, Kelvin announced his trip to Kwale to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday. He posted beautiful flowers he had bought for his fiancee.

Kenyans raised eyebrows after he went silent for 48 hours without making an update. The anxious netizens wondored what had transpired in Kwale, with a section predicting that his trip had ended in premium tears.

Four days later, Mboya broke the silence and confirmed the Kenyans’ fear.

Hi, guys… I have just come back home. Four days ago, I went to Kwale to see ‘mheshimiwa’. I went with flowers but I returned with them. Of course, this has to pass some message. I am not emotionally okay, but I cant say what happened. While leaving for Kwale, I went there with love but I have come back with room for more love. Thank you for your concern..more about what happened in Kwale, I will share it soon,” he wrote.

Several Kenyans sympathized with Kelvin. City politician Alinur Mohammed promised to treat Kelvin to a 7-Day trip to Mombasa.

kev4 681x454 1 jpg "Nimerudi Soko," Kelvin Mboya spotted with a Mzungu Girl
kev3 683x1024 1 jpg "Nimerudi Soko," Kelvin Mboya spotted with a Mzungu Girl

Well, the vacation seems to have born fruits.

In the photos that have gone viral on social media, Kelvin is seen having a good moments with a beautiful mzungu lady.

In one of the photos, Kelvin was captured giving a bouquet of flowers to the lady.

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