“Ataolewa na Stivo Simple Boy,” Kenyans react to Sandra Mbuvi’s hefty dowry

Controversial City politician Mike Sonko’s daughter Sandra Mbuvi sparked heated debate after she disclosed what men may part with to become a husband.

Sandra made the revelation during a question and answer session after a fan asked,” How much is your dowry, my love?”

Sandra’s left many Kenyans puzzled after she listed the hefty bride price.

My parents want five lions, three choppers, 22 Bentleys, four rovers and 500 million pounds,” she responded.

While reacting to her response, Netizens elicited mixed reactions with some arguing that the dowry was exaggerated.

Julius Gatinu commented: “She does not want to be married otherwise she is not the one who is supposed to claim for the doury but parents which can’t be beyond what her parents paid for theirs

Bealey Mwaura said: “She will end up getting married with stevo simple boy who will produce a dowry of three lizards

Shiloh added: ” Hata Yeye awache kiherehere. Sisi ni warembo kumliko na hata hatuhitaji dowry.

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Is Sandra Mbuvi in a relationship?

Sandra alluded to being single when asked whether she was dating, saying relationships hold her back.

Relationships slow me down, they slow down my vision,” she said. She then disclosed that her ideal date would be at least 6 feet tall.

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What’s your ideal height for any guy you’d date?” a netizens asked.

She responded: “6’0+

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