“Niombeeni ,” Visibly sick Diamond Platnumz begs fans

On 13th October, Tanzanian Bongo-star Diamond Platnumz gave his fans a glimpse of health status.

The visibly ill star shared a video while lying in hospital bed, with an intravenous drip and doctor standing by his side.

In an update he made on his Instagram stories, Diamond disclosed that he was rushed to the hospital after he developed fever. The “Bora Nienjoy” hit-maker expressed gratitude for the support, prayers and best-wishes he has been receiving from his fans.

Despite the setback, the singer remained optimistic and expressed a strong desire to make a swift return to the stage for his highly anticipated Wasafi Show at Eden Garden in Arusha.

My day today started very badly in Arusha, with a high fever that led to temporary hospitalization. I thank God. I am doing well now, and I continue to gain strength. Do not stop praying for me. May I have more strength and do well on the Wasafi Festival Show.”

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Diamond Platnumz coffin stunt

Recently, Diamond Platnumz caused uproar on social media after he made a dramatic entrance on stage at Wasafi Festival in Ruangwa, leaving his fans in awe while some Scared to death.The TZ Bongo star chose a very unique entrance that most people were not anticipating. Heavily built men were seen headed to the stage carrying a low Budget Chisokone market coffin on their shoulders as the fans expressed anticipation.

The stage had a very dark theme like death is upon everyone with the pathway lit with lanterns and several skeletons were placed along the way. Some dramatic music was playing in the background to top up the Halloween theme.The low quality Chisokone market coffin was placed on stage vertically next to other coffins and a group of people who appeared to be in a sombre mood like nothing but pure demons.

To the surprise of many, Diamond Platnumz jumped out of one of the coffins holding a mic and started performing to hundreds of fans at the venue.

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