Kajala Slams Harmonize For Using Her Look-alike In His Trending Song

Harmonize released the video of his trending song Single and the move seems to have further fueled the bad blood between him and his ex-fiancée Frida Kajala.

Netizens who have watched the video have claimed that the woman Harmonize used as a video vixen has a striking resemblance to Kajala.

Kajala has also reacted to the subject through Insta stories and it has been translated as a shade directed to the Uno hitmaker..

In her story, the mother of one said that people in the world like tickling themselves and laugh by themselves, something that doesn’t make sense.

“Hapa duniani kuna watu wanapenda kujitekenya alafu wancheka wenyewe saa ndio nini.(Here on earth there are people who love tickling themselves and then laugh by themselves. What that),” the actress said.

In a separate post, she added that people can be in better position but still be jealous.

“People can have more than you and still be jealous,” Kajala wrote.

Harmonize and Kajala broke up in November last year but neither of them revealed what had caused the separation.

While announcing the separation, Kajala termed the relationship as a mistake.

“As a woman and human being I was created to love and forgive, but in this, I deserve to be laughed at, carried and looked down on. I’m not here to defend or show sympathy it’s true I made mistakes and I’ve realised my mistakes, I’m not perfect. I sure do miss my family, siblings, and friends. Making a mistake is not a mistake, a mistake is repeating a mistake. I forgive my X and I’m ready for the next,” she said

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