The Gospel Artiste Ringtone Apoko Breaksdown his  Ksh 50 Billion Networth into The Following Properties And Businesses.

The Gospel Artiste Ringtone Apoko Breaksdown his  Ksh 50 Billion Networth into The Following Properties And Businesses.

Ringtone Apoko, a Kenyan gospel artist, said that his father died before he could see him, and that his mother abandoned him. On multiple occasions, the Pamela hitmaker ignited internet controversy about his fortune by claiming to own houses in Karen and Runda. The musician, known for his flamboyant lifestyle, confessed that he made his money by selling CDs in schools across the country.

Who is the richest artiste in Kenya?
Controversial Ringtone Apoko, a Kenyan singer, claims to be the richest artist in the country. The wealth of Pamela hitmaker stirred online controversy. Ringtone claimed in a viral video that he has a net worth of KSh 50 billion.

“Net worth yangu yote ni KSh 50 billion. Ukiweza kupiga kama vile nimevalia…saa ya KSh 10 million, viatu hapa ni KSh 2 million. Trouser nlinunua kwa off market na KSh 1.8 million, jacket ni KSh 500,000. ” he claimed.

” My neck gold chain is worth KSh 1 million. I bought my top cream sweater at another KSh 1 million. So if you check my lifestyle, my total net worth can reach KSh 50 billion, including land, cars and houses,” he bragged.

Ringtone’s early life: Year of born, and place.
The artist was born in Kisii County in 1994. On August 7, 2020, he stated on Facebook that his father died before he was born, and that his mother abandoned him.

“My father died before I could see him, my mum abandoned me after birth but Jesus,” he captioned his post. He started singing while young and has several hits to his name, including Sisi ndio TUKO, Zoea Mawe, Fagia and Wanadamu.

Ringtone Apoko’s source of Wealth.

Ringtone, known for his extravagant lifestyle, claimed in a January interview with Kamene and Jalas that he made his money by selling CDs at schools.

“We’re on the Right Track” He described visiting numerous schools across the country and earning up to KSh 500,000 in a single week. He denied charges that he is involved in wash-wash and illegal activities such as land grabs.

“I am an artist who thinks with his hands. Jalas, I met you ten years ago when I was touring ten schools every week. Every school I went to, I received more than KSh 500,000. They are the ones that provided me the money “He stated.

”Those people are just jealous; they just want to bring me down. They just judge you because they cannot do what you do to survive.

What does Ringtone claim he owns?

Runda estate:  Ringtone appeared on NTV’s The Trend, hosted by Amina Abdi, on Friday, October 14, and boasted that he could hire comedian Eric Omondi as a gardener at his Runda estate.

“Hopes Dashed” The musician approached the comedian and offered him a KSh 50,000 job. “Eric Omondi can be hired as a houseboy or compound manager for KSh 50,000 per month. That’s not much money “He stated.

The self-proclaimed chairman of Gospel singers in Kenya stated that he purchased his Runda mansion after singing for former President Uhuru Kenyatta during his 2012 campaign.

Ringtone Apoko’s deal with Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Uhuru paid me KSh 1 million every day for over 120 days to find a roadshow truck, brand it, and hire dancers for it. “I made a lot of money by saving at least KSh 600,000 per day, and that’s how I got my property in Runda thanks to pesa ya TNA,” he brags.

Ringtone Apoko’s car Collection.

“I have an original Land Rover na G-wagon hujaona?” When asked about his vehicles, he said. In another interview, he stated that he has six cars. “I have something like six automobiles and a car wash.” My parking space is in the back.” He also claimed to own a hotel and many apartments, according to Pulse Live.

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