I’m In Love With Willam Ruto’s Son George Kimutai Ruto, Doris Dove Comedian Reveals

  • Doris Dove Comedian has said that she is in Love George Kimutai Ruto
  • George Kimutai Ruto is President Ruto’s Youngest Son.

Few ladies get get courage to make romantic advances to men. Well, Kenyan Comedian Doris Dove Comedian has choosen to go with the few. The comedian has taken to social media to confess her undying love William Ruto’s son George Kimutai Ruto.

In a post she has shared on social media, Doris has asked Kenyans to help her get the attention of President’s son.

“Somebody please tell George kimutai Ruto am in love with him🙈😍i cant sleep juu yake yaani nmeshinda tu nikimwaza😭😭,” Doris Dove wrote.

In addition, the comedian has said that she has got a point where she can no longer eat.

“nimevumilia ya kutosha imebidi tu niseme juu imefika point ata sikuli kapsaa😔,” added.

George Kimutai Ruto is Kenya’s president William Ruto’s youngest son with striking resemblance to his father. He is currently studying to be a pilot after completing his undergraduate degree of Computer Science from Strathmore University.

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