“Nichezee, Mimi ni wako wote,” Zuchu Tells Diamond Platnumz

Recently, Tanzanian songstress Zuchu disclosed that she is not worried that her boss Diamond Platnumz might eventually cheat on her.

While performing at Ruangwa in the ongoing Wasafi Festival, the Sukari hit-maker declared her love for the Bongo Star.

It all began when Diamond declared that he was being driven crazy by Zuchu’s wasp-like waist. The WCB boss said that as he cuddled Zuchu from the back, causing wild reactions from the audience.

“Ohh Simba usijali mimi wa Ugunja penzi naahidi sitalivuja. Ati wanasemasema ni kicheche wacha anichezee mimi ni wake wote,” Zuchu affirmed Diamond.

Diamond Platnumz went ahead and asked the elated audience if it was true that he is a heartbreaker.He added that people were just painting him negatively to Zuchu. The duo went ahead to perform their hit song Mtasubiri.

A while ago, the two lovebirds confessed, before each other, the number of partners they have had before.

The WCB signee disclosed that she has only been with one man in her life and that is Diamond.

“Ni mmoja tu. Pekee yake. Hakuna mwingine, wewe wamjua boyfriend wangu mgani? Kwa hii industry, ni one and only,” she told Wasafi presenter who visited their hotel room.

On the other hand, Diamond claimed that Zuchu is the only woman that he has had a relationship with.

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