Akothee Splashes Over Ksh. 500K On Her Wedding Gown

Musician Akothee is eagerly waiting to officially marry the love of her life Dennis Omosh in a white wedding that is set to take place on April 10.

Akothee however did not find her dream gown within the country and was forced to fly abroad for the dress that she will only wear once in her life.

The mother of five is currently in Switzerland where her fiance hails from. She traveled to the foreign land to shop for her big day, that is just days away.

In a recent statement on Facebook, she said that the prices of the gowns in Switzerland range from CHF 3500-10,000(about Kshs502,000-Kshs1 million)

However, the one that fits her costs 4,800(Kshs689,328) and it is the latest edition.

“Gone to shops and all wedding gowns start from 3500 CHF upto 10,000 CHF. Hio ni pesa ngapi ya Kenya. Ile inanitosha ni 4,800. Nichukue? ni 2023 edition. Kwani nguo ya harusi pia iko na edition,” she wrote on her social media channels.

Screenshot 20230327 200236 jpg Akothee Splashes Over Ksh. 500K On Her Wedding Gown

In a separate post, the soon-to-be bride revealed that she had said yes to the dress and whatever was remaining was to say yes to fiancé.

“My wedding dress is the price of your dream car, done and dusted,” Akothee teased her fans.

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