James Ngare: Meet Nakuru Barber Making Ksh. 25,000 Every Day

The story of James Ngare, the founder of JimmyJey Barbers & Spa in Nakuru, is a cocktail of hardwork and passion. Affectionately known as Barber Wa Taifa, Ngare has made a name for himself in the industry, courtesy of unique cutting skills.

Growing up, James Ngare has a dream of becoming a pilot. As fate would have it however, James was forced to abandon his dream to indulge in business at a young age, inorder to supplement his mother’s income.

Speaking previously in an Interview, Ngare disclosed that he spent most of his Highschool time at a local barbershop, where he helped in exchange of few shillings. Luckily, the kind barber helped him hone his hair-cutting skills.

“I spent most of my Highschool at Onyi Barber shop. He was kind enough to give a chance in the field. He helped me perfect my skills and I am to date grateful,” he said.


After Highschool, James Ngare embarked on a mission to become a force to reckon in the hair-cutting field. With a goal of setting up his own business, he enrolled for a short course to perfect his skills and understand emerging trends.

Upon completing the course, James continued working at barbershop where he was paid on commission. On a good month, he would carry home Ksh. 30,000.

In 2015, James resolved to free himself from employment and become his own boss. He used Ksh. 300,000 from savings and loan to start his own venture in Nakuru Town.

The business started off so well as old clients found a destination in his new place. He also got a lot of referrals from customers.

At the age of 32, James Ngare’s business has employed 23 people. He charges between Ksh. 500 and Ksh 1000 for services, and on a good day he carries home Ksh. 25,000.

The enterprise which offers services like haircuts, manicure and pedicure, attracts clientele spanning from middle-class to high-profile persons in Nakuru.

As a way of giving back to the community, James Ngare has for the last five years, been giving free haircut to street children twice in a month.

He encourages young people willing to be entrepreneurs to follow their passion, and acquire requisite skills.

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