Trisha Khalid: Stop calling me a socialite

Kenyan actress and businesswoman Trisha Khalid now wants Kenyans to stop referring to her as socialite.

While speaking in an interview, Trisha noted that she has never given people a reason to her the title. She affirmed that she just an actress and runs a beauty and a boutique shop.

“I honestly hate it when people call me a socialite because I’m not. I have never given anybody a reason to refer to me as a socialite. I work. I’m an actress, I won a spa and run a boutique as well. All I do is work, how then I’m a socialite. I’m not,” she said.

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Trisha rose into limelight and became an internet sensation after she started uploading pictures. Her aesthetic physique and curves became the center of attention prompting Netizens to refer to her as a socialite.

Trisha however maintained that her constant photo shoot uploads were a marketing strategy for a fashion boutique that had contracted her to model its apparel.

“I never knew I would become famous. I used to model for some brands doing a lot of video and photo shoot content for boutiques and sooner than later my pictures were all over. One time I went to Uganda and was surprised to find my photos in malls. My social media following just kept increasing by the day,” Trisha said.

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Trisha Khalid: My figure is real

In a previous interview, she sparked heated debate on social media after she dispelled rumours that she underwent surgery to enhance her figure. She candidly affirmed that her nyash is real and that she acquired it from her mother.

My figure is natural, I wish you saw my mother,” she said.

Trisha Khalid: Stop calling me a socialite

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Trisha is currently decorating the screens of several Kenyans through Citizen TV’s Telenovela known as Becky that airs from 7:30 PM to 8:00PM. Her exemplary acting skills has earned her huge popularity on social media.

Trisha developed passion for acting at a young a age while she was still in school. She actively participated in drama where she gained exemplary acting skills mirrored in Citizen TV’s Becky

While speaking in the previous interview, Trisha disclosed that her acting career began when Lulu Hassan of Jiffy Pictures approached her for a role in Kovu show. At first, she was reluctant. She felt that acting was not her career path.

Lulu encouraged her to accept the offer, a move she later came to appreciate. She played the role of Ruby in the local show, which airs in maisha magic

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