List of top 5 Highest paid CEO in Kenya

Cheif Executive Officers (CEOs) of companies are among the highest paid individuals. In Kenya for instance, some of the corporate executives carrying home millions of money every month, topping the list of highest paid Kenyans.

Topping in the list of CEOs raking millions, are executives in various sectors spanning from banking, insurance and Telecommunication.

In this article, Public News will explore the list of highest paid CEO in Kenya

Highest Paid CEO in Kenya

Gideon Muriuki – CEO Co-op Bank

Highest paid CEO in Kenya.
Meet Gideon Muriuki, the Highest paid CEO in Kenya earning millions from Cooperative Bank

Gideon Muriuki, the Chief Executive of Cooperative Bank is the highest paid CEO in Kenya. The corporate guru is celebrated for taking over the Bank when it was making loses, and bringing it to a profit of 22B in the year 2021.

According to report published by Daily Nation, Gideon Muriuki takes home Sh. 1.2M every month, totalling to Sh. 36M every month.

Additionally, Muriuki is entitled is entitled to bonuses, that made his total earnings for the financial year 2022/2023 sum up to Sh. 428.2M.

Gideon Muriuki, who holds vast experience in the sector, joined the Bank in 1996 as a corporate manager. He steadily climbed up the ladder to becoming the Managing director.

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Peter Ndegwa – CEO Safaricom

Peter Ndegwa of Safaricom is among the Highest paid CEO in Kenya

Safaricom PLC is indisputably the largest telecommunication company in Kenya. The giant company is currently steered by Peter Ndegwa.

In the year ending March 2023, the giant Telecommunication Company paid directors renumeratios totalling Sh. 534M.

According to financial reports, Peter Ndegwa bagged more than half of the renumeration, amounting Ksh. 313M. The CEO pocketed Ksh. 95.24M as annua salary, Ksh. 196.27M as bonuses and Ksh. 21.6 as non-cash benefits.

Paul Russo – KCB Bank

Paul Russo, the CEO of KCB Bank Group, is among the highest paid corporate executives in Kenya.

According to BIZNA KENYA, Russo earned a gross compensation of Ksh. 217.4M last year. The amount included a salary of Ksh 72.7M , a bonus of Ksh. 99.3M and deffered payment of Ksh. 24.8M.

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James Mwangi – CEO Equity Bank Group

James Mwangi is among highest paid CEO in Kenya
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James Mwangi, the CEO of Equity Bank Group, has risen to be ranked top of Kenya’s executives salary list.

In a report published by Business Daily, James Mwangi had a 49% salary increase in the fiscal year 2022, this carried home Ksh. 213.64M. This included a bonus of Ksh. 53M.

John Gachora – CEO NCBA

Last year, John Gachora, the CEO of NCBA carried home Ksh. 147.74M, an increase of 87.7% from the previous year. The increase in salary was occasioned by NCBA’s 35% rise in profits to Ksh. 13.78B.

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