Andrew Levi Junior of Becky Citizen Tv; Education, Acting Career and Father’s Death

Andrew Levi, better known as Junior, is a notable character in Citizen TV’s Series known as Becky. Fluency in queens language, urban accent, exemplary acting skills and his calm demeanor has set him way far from several Kenyan actors.

Recently while speaking in an interview with Mkamburi Chigogo at Radio 47, Andrew Levi shed light on his past, background and how he landed the lead role in one of the Country’s Top Tv Show.

Andrew Levi Junior of Citizen Tv’s Becky

Early life and Education

Andrew Levi whose roots trace back to Siaya & Homabay Counties, was born in Zambia.His parents were diplomats in the Kenyan government, therefore he spent his childhood in foreign countries like Britain, Israel, and China, moving as his parents worked.His diverse background mirrors his unique experiences.

The educational journey of Levi began in the United Kingdom where he first learned English as his primary Language. Upon returning to Kenya, he attended Brookhouse, one of the most prestigious schools in Kenya. Surprisingly, Brookhouse has produced several Kenyan celebrities like Janet Mbugua, Kagwe Mungai, Size 8, Emmanuel Jalal among others.

Upon completing studies at Brookhouse, Andrew Levi furthered his Education at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, where he pursued career in Law and Medicine.

Thereafter, he worked as a freelance consultant. He also worked briefly at Strathmore University.

Though academic and professional path made him to explore many paths including martial arts, Andrew Levi is now thriving as an actor.

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Acting Career

Andrew Levi’s interest in acting sprouted at the age of 4, and grew immensely through his academic life. At the young age, the brilliant and overly energetic Levi played roles in school plays.

When he joined highschool at Brookhouse, he actively participated in acting and excelled. His love for also manifested itself in University, where he not only involved himself with productions but also ventured across the U.K. and other locations, performing in theater.

How Andrew Levi Junior landed a role at ‘Becky’ of Citizen Tv

While speaking at Radio 47, Andrew disclosed that his acting career was inspired by the unfortunate death of his father early this year.

“When my father succumbed to cancer, I realized that life is short. I decided to try something that I had always wanted to try,” Andrew said.

While scrolling through Instagram posts, Andrew came across an advert for Auditions and he immediately applied. It was not until when he attended a face-to-face interview that he got know that he was auditioning for “Becky” a Swahili show that would be aired on Citizen Tv.

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Junior Katana of Becky

Interestingly, the audition for Becky was not your standard casting call. Audition did not start at the door, but rather started the moment he entered the gate.

The judges observed how candidates interacted with people, including the watchmen, right from the moment they entered the gate.

At instance during the audition that almost dimmed his hope of gracing Kenyan Television screen was when he was asked by the judges to produce rear tears. Unable to do so, he went home with little hope of standing a chance.

He however received a call few days later confirming that he had been picked to play the role of Junior Katana, a character shrouded in mystery and deep secrets.

” I was shocked. Anybody could have landed the role.”

Becky is a program produced by Jiffy Pictures, a film production company owned by Citizen TV’s power couple — Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla. The show premiered on July 31, replacing ‘Sultana’ series which ended on July 27.


Despite the huge success in the industry, Andrew Levi’s acting in Becky is not without challenges.

One of the major hurdle he experiences is unpredictable weather. Sometimes he is forced to go for outdoor shoots in chilly conditions. To counter the cold, Andrew and his fellow actors had to engage in some impromptu exercise routines to stay warm.

Andrew Levi FACT CHECK

Is Andrew Levi married?

Is Andrew Levi married? Well, Very little is known about Andrew Levi love life. He has successfully managed to keep his private life out of public domain. In ‘Becky’, he acts as Trisha’s husband and Becky’s baby daddy.

Andrew Levi Tribe

He traces his roots in Siaya and Counties, hence he is a Luo. He was however born in Zambia.

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