List of Properties Owned By Citizen Tv’s JK Live Host Jeff Koinange.

List of Properties Owned By Citizen Tv’s JK Live Host Jeff Koinange.
• Jeff Koinange, a journalist who has won awards, has worked for several national and international media outlets, including CNN.
• 56-year-old is the owner of two opulent homes with four bedrooms in Kitisuru, one of the priciest neighborhoods in the Nairobi Metropolitan area.
• The seasoned TV and radio host has multi-million dollar assets that are appropriate for his neighbourhoods of Kenya’s top-paid journalists.

Photo courtesy: Jeff Koinange in studio

Before joining K24 in 2007, he was a journalist for Africa for CNN from 2001 to 2007. Before joining KTN and later Citizen TV in December 2012, he was employed by the station.

Koinange previously worked at ABC News from 1991 to 1992. She has a bachelor of arts degree from New York University. Before joining CNN, he worked for Reuters and was a producer for NBC News in 1994.

Given his enormous income, which exceeds that of the president and other top government officials, Koinange leads a lavish lifestyle.

Jeff Koinange’s salary
One of Kenya’s highest-paid journalists is the 56-year-old award-winning TV host.

He earns an estimated KSh 2 million per month due to his experience and positions as Jeff Koinange’s live host and radio broadcaster at Hot 96.

Every Sunday from 4 to 7 p.m., Hot 96 airs his Smoking Country program.

Jeff Koinange’s properties

Jeff Koinange’s art collection
The journalist treasures African art and has set aside space in his Kitisuru home to keep some pieces that are worth millions of shillings.

He previously disclosed that his fee for matching artists with buyers is 10%.

“When we host guests for barbeque and they see my paintings and inquire, I hook them up with the artists and when they buy I get my 10% boom!”

Jeff Koinange’s designer suits
Koinange dons a pair of custom-made designer outfits because of the nature of his work.

He demonstrated on January 8, 2020, that he is one of the wealthiest figures in Kenya by donning a suit that cost KSh 2.2 million.

Ermenegildo Zegna made the suit. The media star was the neighbourhood received the extremely pricey designer suit.

The journalist does not play small, according to those close to him, as evidenced by the abundance of suits in his closet that cost at least KSh 800,000 and were created by renowned designers.

Koinange wears fancy timepieces as well.

Koinange’s side hustle
He makes thousands of dollars as an MC and via advertising deals in addition to his salary as a writer.

Jeff posts advertisements for homes and actions on his social media accounts.

Kitisuru residence
The TV host has two opulent homes with four bedrooms in Kitisuru,  of the priciest neighborhoods in the Nairobi Metropolitan area.

The two similar homes, each with an en suite bathroom, are situated on 0.66 acres of ground and include separate servant quarters.

While the disposal is connected to a septic tank, the property is connected to main electricity and water.

The homes were slated to be sold at auction for KSh 65 million in 2020 to pay off a loan Koinange had to NCBA Bank.

To avoid the property’s over KSh 200 million auction, he signed a repayment agreement with the lender.

Koinange’s G-Wagon
Koinange travels in swanky vehicles befitting of his stature. He is the owner of a G-Wagon made by Magna Steyr.

Jeff koinange’s big machine

We were unable to determine whether he found a buyer after Nairobi News claimed that he put the car up for sale in August for KSh 5 million.

The expensive vehicle had a KSh 14 million initial cost.

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