Kenyans warns Marua after Bahati spotted with beautiful gym instructor

Kenyan Singer Kelvin Kioko popularly known as Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are undoubtedly one of the best celebrity couples in Kenya. The two never cease to show affection for one another in public.

A section of Kenyans however questions how the duo interact with their friends, with a section saying that they at times go overboard.

Kenyans recently warned Diana Marua after they spotted Bahati under gym-instruction by a beautiful lady. Bahati uploaded the short video on Instructions on Friday 19th.

My Trainer is My Pusher 🔥 @Worldofuandi is My Motivation 👊 Do You Prefer Male or Female Gym Instructors ??? 🙂 ” Bahati Captioned the video.

Kenyans worried over Diana Marua after Bahati is spotted with beautiful gym instructor
Bahati with a beautiful female gym instructor

In the video seen by Public News, the lady was seen giving Bahati some instructions, as she helped him do some moves. Kenyans were quick to not that the lady was beautiful and had a good figure.

They noted that her beauty was threatening the dominance of Diana Marua, with a section arguing that Marua should move quick and counter her.

A large section of Kenyans camped on the comment section warning Marua of the looming danger.

@Mokoro: Hii imeenda…Marua itabidi ujipange 😅

@Cah-reh-mih: Hii ndii tunaita premium tears. Where is marua? 🤣🤣

@Shiroh: Men. Men. Men.. Lazima uende kwa mwanamke? 😢

@Eduh: Hapa itabidi Marua ajipange 😁

@Melvin: She is beautiful ❤️❤️. Marua kwisha weweee 🤣

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