Mbosso speaks on Beef with Otile Brown

There has been rumours of beef between Mbosso and Otile Brown

Tanzanian Bongo star Mbosso, has opened up on his relationship with Kenyan singer Otile Brown, ruling out grudge between him and the Kenyan artist.

While speaking to Wasafi Wasafi FM, the musical sensation candidly made it clear that he does not hold any grudges against fellow artists, asserting that he prefers to maintain amicable relationships within the industry.

I’m holding grudge against any artist. I am that guy that if you force trouble on me, I will prefer to avoid you,” Mbosso said.

Further, the singer disclosed that his interactions with Otile Brown has been somewhat limited and that it only involved a collabo that didn’t go through.

It’s not the first time, there is a time he said that we’ve stolen his songs..I go through a lot. We’ve never been close friends, but I remember him reaching out for a collabo some few years back,” he explained.

According to Mbosso, Otile Brown was unable to follow the proper procedures laid out by his management team. He underlined his commitment to adhering to protocols established by his team.

He reached out to me and I gave him the protocols, I guess he was unable to follow them. I’m an artist under management so any time you want to work with me you must be ready to follow the procedures,” Mbosso pointed out during the Interview with Wasafi Tv.

This revelation comes in the wake of a recent jab taken by Otile Brown in September 2023.

While taking his dissenting view on Instagram, the Chaguo la Moyo hitmaker accused the two stars for talking too much about their jewelry, yet they are not original or from reputable stores.

With love, Punguzeni Mabati Kwa Shingo or you keep quiet. Hao ni watu wagani mnanunua chain kwao. Wauza chain certified wanaotambulika kwenye game duniani ni jewelry unlimited, icebox, Johnny Dang, A Jeweler.

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The singer went ahead and intimated that he believes in the slogan ‘fake it until you make it’. He however wondered why the Tanzanian musician were donning fake jewelry yet they are already achieved so much success in the music industry.

Y’all can’t be talking rich all the time and still wearing fugazi. Ujanja wa nini and you are blessed? It’s not bad wearing fugazi they say fake it till you make it. Tatizo ni kama you have made it and still rocking it and running your mouth.” Mbosso said.

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