“Eric Omondi left me with huge hotel bill,” Vaida Hit-maker Harry Ritchie laments

Popular Luhya music artist Harry Ritchie has left Kenyans questioning the integrity of Comedian Eric Omondi, after he unleashed his bitterness against him.

While speaking in an interview, the Vaida hitmaker expressed his anger against the self-proclaimed Africa’s King of Comedy by referring to him as a “wolf in sheep’s clothes” and an “agent of Satan.”

Eric Omondi ni mtu wa dunia na mtu wa shetani siezi ongea juu yake.” Harry lamented.

Eric Omondi took advantage of Harry Ritchie Popularity

In the interview, Ritchie narrated how Eric Omondi used his popularity to make money and then left him with huge hotel bill.

When my song ‘Vaida’ became very popular, Eric Omondi began looking for me. He claimed that he wanted to help me shoot its video. I was so happy. It was the first time I was meeting a celebrity of his caliber.” he narrated.

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Ritchie first encounter with Eric Omondi game him an image of unreliable person. When asked to elaborate, the talented Luhya star pointed to the comedian’s feminine clothing choices and his small physique as indicators of his untrustworthiness.

Alikuja akiwa amevaa kama mwanamke. Alafu alikuwa amebeba kuku kwa gari. And he was like ‘Ritchie naogopa uniibie hii Kuku’.”

Eric Omondi requested for a TikTok video with Ritchie. He than instructed him to meet the following Day at Java,Kilimani.

Eric told me that I should wait for him at Java Kilimani where the meeting was anticipated to happen. He also asked me to order anything I wanted to eat as I waited for him.He promised me that once he arrived at the venue, he would settle the bill” Harry Ritchie narrated.

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As told, Harry arrived earlier and spent Ksh. 1200 on food. After waiting him for a quite long time, he became impatient and called Eric but he did not pick the calls.

Harry revealed that he had not carried any cash because he was confident that Eric would settle the bill and probably tip him.
Harry was helped by his friend to pay the debt.

The vaida hit-maker has now expressed his disappointment. According to him, Eric Omondi left him embarrassed and discouraged, and that he can best be described as worldly man and a liar.

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A while a go, Eric Omondi caused a buzz on social media after he accused Kenyan gospel artists of being immoral. Later while giving a sermon, he described himself as a God-sent man to clean the mess amongst gospel ministers.

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