Bahati angry at Marua for allowing Morgan Bahati have a girlfriend

Kenyan Singer Bahati has expressed his feelings after his son Morgan introduced his girlfriend. The singer was speaking in an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai.

In the interview, Bahati spoke on move by his son to introduce the love of his life.

In December last year, Bahati’s wife Diana Marua had a chance of meeting the girl dating his son Morgan Bahati.

Marua met Morgan’s sweetheart after attending the graduation ceremony for sixth grade candidates at Juja Preparatory School where Morgan has been studying.

In the video shared by Marua on social media, Marua introduced a cute girl and revealed she had won his heart.

She’s the lady I love ,” said Morgan.

The girl who seemed to be shy introduced herself as Angel and admitted that they are actually dating.

I like him too,” she replied.

Through her socialite media accounts, the excited mother of three revealed she was glad to meet her son’s girlfriend.

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Bahati Not Happy with Morgan Girlfriend

While speaking to Eve, Bahati said she was not happy that his son had a girlfriend. According to him, he is the only person who should have a girlfriend in his house.

I don’t like that nonsense. Mimi pekee ndio nafaa kuwa na dame kwa hio nyumba,” Bahati said.

While defending his take, Bahati disclosed that he is a victim of teenage relationships. He narrated how his highschool girlfriend heartbroke him and made him fail in KCSE.

Nikiwa form four I had a girlfriend. She broke up with me because I could not afford to take her for rave. I was really affected. I ended up performing poorly in KCSE,” he narrated.

Bahati further disclosed that he was so angry with his wife for entertaining his son to be in a relationship.

“I was so mad. I didn’t like that nonsense.”

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