Jude Magambo speaks on dating Brian Chira, says Azziad’s case depressed Chira

Jude Magambo, a Kenyan young man affectionately known as Manzi Wa Meru has addressed his nature of relationship with late Tiktoker Brian Chira.

Three weeks after his death, Chira who fearlessly hit out on male celebrities has raised speculations on who he was dating. In one instance, he faced media personality Andrew Kibe head-on and confessed his undying crush on him saying, “Andrew Kibe…your beards are giving me sleepless nights.”

In another instance, he expressed crush on comedian and radio host Mulamwah.


Jude Magambo on dating Brian Chira

Recently, Jude Magambo was forced to succumb to online pressure and address the allegations that he was Brian Chira’s fiance. This was due to a great bond they displayed to the public before the timely demise of Chira.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Jambo, Jude who publicly revealed his s@xual orientation as g@y, reminisced the good times he shared with Brian Chira. He added that his death robbed him a great friend.

Chira was a great friend of mine. There was some bit of separation when Nyako (Tiktoker) moved him to Ruaka. We used to hangout almost every weekend for nyama Choma. We loved nyama Choma so much…

On whether the two were dating Jude Magambo said;

I’ve heard some Kenyans are calling me a widow…Some assume I was dating Chira..We were friends but we didn’t get to a point of dating.

The fast rising social media influencer disclosed that he is already in a romantic relationship with a young man identified as Lyton.

Speaking of moments with Chira, Jude made a shocking revelation. He disclosed that the Tiktoker was greatly depressed over Azziad’s case.

The Azziad’s case gave him a lot of stress. He feared that he would re-arrested or ger imprisoned.. The case gave him a hard time….he was the breadwinner, he had school fees to pay, Ksh. 20,000 fees for a lawyer and rent to take care of…It was a very difficult moment for him,” he said.

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