“Rigathi Gachagua ni kama BaBa,” Karen Nyamu reveals

Karen Revealed that he treats Rigathi Gachagua as a dad

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has disclosed why deputy president Rigathi Gachagua confronted lover Samidoh after the drama that involved her, the Mugithi singer and his wife Edday Nderitu.

Recently, during an interview with Ala C on Reke Ciume na Ene show, the mother of three opened up about their close relationship with the second in command, and the huge role he is plays in their lives.

Nyamu said that DP Gachagua is like their father, and that he often advises them like he does to other young Kenyans.

The deputy president is a simple man, he is our friend. He love giving advice to youths, he is like our dad,” Karen Nyamu said.

She added,”You may all see him as a deputy president but we see him as a dad. He does not hate on anybody. He spoke because because our issues were in public domain.”

The UDA senator noted that her and lover Samidoh respect the deputy president and that they pay attention to his advices.

Earlier this year, DP Rigathi Gachagua asked Samidoh to take control of his relationship to avoid drama that was being witnessed. The second in command threatened to restrict his movement out of the country Incase he failed to act.

Gachagua was reacting to the drama that endued between the singer,his wife Edday Nderitu and lover Karen Nyamu in Dubai. He noted that Samidoh has earned a lot of respect through music, and thus there is need to instill discipline in his relationship.

Sasa wewe Samidoh ucontrol watu wako. Panga panga hiyo maneno yako na ukishindwa, tutakukataza kwenda ng’ambo,” Gachagua jokingly said.

He advised him to remember that many countries do not recognize and value polygamous marriages.Gachagua was speaking during the burial of Trade CS Moses Kuria’s sister Pauline Nyokabi.

In December last year, a video that went viral on social media showed Karen Nyamu and Edday Nderitu exchanging blows during Samidoh’s concert in Dubai. The confrontation between the two made Karen Nyamu to whisked out of the event by guards.

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