Drama as Dem Wa FB Gifts Oga Obinna 12 Boxers

Kenyan content creator Dem Wa Facebook captured the attention of her fans after showering Oga Obinna with birthday gifts.

Apparently, Dem Wa Facebook had everything meticulously planned. She began by tricking Obina that she was in a critical state and that she needed to see him at her place. Obinna rushed to Kayole only to realize that it was a birthday surprise.

The house was filled with balloons, birthday cake and beaming Dem Wa Facebook who was ready to celebrate Obinna’s big Day.

In the video that has gained huge traction on social media, Dem Wa Facebook was seen gifting Obinna 25,000 ksh as one of the many birthday presents she said were in store for him.

Mnadhani nakuanga jokes..hii ni suprise yangu kwa mzee wangu mnadhaningi sinanga pesa nikiwa kienyeji..” Dem Wa Facebook said before she started handing out the thousands to Obinna.

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Additionally, she surprised him with 12 pairs of boxers, 12 pairs of socks, 12 pairs of handkerchiefs, and three pairs of vests.

Obinna expressed gratitude to Dem Wa Facebook for her heartfelt birthday gifts, wishing her more blessings.

This means a lot because it comes from the heart,” he said.

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Further, Dem Wa Facebook also stole the show by singing for Obinna, ‘Moyo Mashine‘, a song that they all sang in unison, showing their deep chemistry and love in the air in which after wards broke the hard cake that was unable to be cut.

Previously, the two were forced to address the allegations that they are in a romantic relationship. Dem Wa FB maintained that their relationship is purely proffesional.

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