I woke from the same bed with Samidoh before the drama ~ Karen Nyamu

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has been the talk of several Kenyans following a drama that ensued at her baby daddy’s concert in US.

In a video that is circulating on social media, the drunk lawmaker is seen being whisked by bouncers.

This happened while she tried to access the stage on which the popular Kikuyu singer Samidoh was performing.

Her attempt was cut short by the security officers who responded with efficiency of armies.

While responding to the online troll over the drama, Karen Nyamu has claimed alcohol was the cause of the mess.

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The regretful mother of two has vowed to quit the hard drinking from next year – 2023.

Mniombee…2023 naacha pombe,” she said while live on her Facebook page.

The senator has further revealed that she had slept with Samidoh a day before the drama.In the video, Karen failed to understand how you can wake on the same bed with someone and pretend to know the person in the evening.

Yaani mnaamka na mtu but ikifika jioni ni drama. (You wake up with someone but in the evening it’s drama),” she told her fans.

The estranged politician further ended her relationship with Samidoh to save herself from unnecessary drama.

I have ended my relationship with my baby Daddy.From today Samidoh is my Ex,” she added.

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