Stephen Bhingi shoots shots at Eve Mungai. “Kuja nikupe watoto.”

Steve Bhingi, a Kenyan fast rising social media influencer caught Eve Mungai by surprise after she candidly poured his heart to her. The self-made Reggae fanatic disclosed that he has a huge crush on Kenyan YouTuber, Mungai Eve.

Stephen Bhingi made the revelation during an interview, in which she adored the beauty of Mungai Eve. He said that given an opportunity for romantic entanglement, he would not waste any time in making her happier in love.

Kama ni maumbile tungekua tunaangalia, sister… Kama ni maumbile juu wewe umeumbwa ukaumbika…kama uko single sister tunaeza mingle…Wewe umeumbwa ukaumbika uko na common sense,” he shot.

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Bhingi who is known for fun-filled antics and humourous commentary left Eve in laughter after she asked her not to be discouraged by his short stature, adding that he is ready to build a family with her.

He emphasised his intention to fulfill their purpose in the world.

Ni kugonga upate mtoto. Jah alitucreate akasema tufulfill the world. So we should fulfill the world, Kujaza kujaza dunia,” he expressed.

Their interaction took a humorous turn when Bhingi likened Mungai to his ex-girlfriend, prompting laughter from both of them.

You know, you’re short,” she remarked, to which Bhingi replied, “as long as we ni mrasta, we unacheza na rada, juu ukicheza na rada, si unajua as long as we huna pressure …”

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