“Nimeachana Na Wazee,” Betty Kyallo Opens Up on Age of Her New Man

Kenyan journalist and entrepreneur Betty Kyallo has once again given Kenyans a glimpse of her love life. The new Tv 47 News anchor opened up on challenges celebrities go through, especially of being on public scrutiny on love matters.

Speaking during an special interview with Plug Tv Kenya, Kyallo noted that she has no reason to smile, as she feels that she is at a better position and she has found true love.

To be honest I can’t complain, I’m in a good position and I feel that I am loved. But why is my love life troubling you people? I am in a good position. I have found someone who understands and loves me well,” Kyallo said.

When probed on how long the two have been dating and why she chose to keep the new man from the public domain, Betty Kyallo said,”

“I wouldn’t love to give much details about my new man because Kuna watu wako na macho Mbaya pale nje Lakini God ametulinda. We have been together for like 8 months now. I am a social media person but he doesn’t like publicity. It’s not like I am hiding him. Watu wametuona huko nje. It’s true I have never posted him but it doesn’t mean namficha. We go everywhere, from supermarket, .. I’m not hiding him.”

Also, Betty Kyallo spoke about the age of her new lover, who people have been speculating to be 21 years old.

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According to her, she wouldn’t have a problem dating a 21 year old man, which above the maturity age of 18 years. She however reiterated that her man is not 21 years old.

Hata mpenzi wangu angekuwa 21 huyo bado ni mtu mzima, but he is not 21. Hebu tuache kuingia sana kuhusu hilo, tuliamua tuwapatie wazee muda wapumzike kidogo, unajua, wajishughulishe na mambo yao. Kuhusu harusi sisi tuko harusi kwa sasa, hiyo stori ya harusi na kupatiwa watu presha hapana, acha tu nishughulikiwe na mtoto wa wenyewe kwa sasa,” she said.

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